Noisettes New Album - Contact

Over seven incredible years, Shingai and Dan have delivered genre-bending pop with it's own exotic twist and now they are back! Marking their return, 'Contact' is a record they are hoping will be a #Winner. The album is an eclectic mix — intoxicating melodies, emotionally evoking lyrics, and rhythms that are all sorts of funky.

Shingai - "We're two divas with different record collections who constantly introduce each other to new sounds, whether it's African music, jazz, our own modern hybrid of soul music or new adventures in dance music, there always remains the spirit of rock 'n' roll without the clichés. For us, making music means keeping our ears open."

Dan - "Me and Shingai are a great double act in the studio whether we are writing on our own or with other people. The trousers (metaphorically of course) are on a rota. Sometimes I wear them and sometimes she does and occasionally we get a leg each but mostly each of us knows when we are supposed to lead or follow and it could be at any time that we need to switch roles."

The wait is over! So sit back, and 'Let the Music Play'...

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